Woodland Dwelling

Goetre Villa Ltd (welsh for 'woodland dwelling') was founded in 2016 as an environmental consultancy providing project management services and technical expertise in both the water industry and in urban forestry and arboriculture. Projects within urban forestry began in 2017 and we have undertaken several tree planting projects with different stakeholders, including schools, local government, community organisations and the private sector.

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Experience working with us through:

school planting
Schools Tree Planting

We believe that education about the environment should start at the very beginning. We organise and execute tree planting events with school children from ages 3-18 while delivering an age appropriate talk about the importance of trees in our environment.

Community Tree Planting

Communities are at the heart of everything. We provide knowledge and experience to help local groups get organised and bring street trees to their neighbourhoods.

Governments & University Training

Our extensive experience with local government has provided us with a unique opportunity to educate colleagues from other departments as well as university students about the benefits of using trees to their advantage. Our talks focus on how to engage communities with their urban forest.

Urban Forest Mgmt Plan
Critical Assessments on Urban Forest Management Plans

With over twenty years of arboricultural experience in several local governments on both sides of the Atlantic, our approach to Urban Forest Management Plans is holistic, resilience focused and encourages community involvement, bridging the often unnecessary gap between local residents and their government.

Keynote Speaking

Twenty years of working with communities in Urban Forestry has given us quite the unique opportunity to share our experiences with others, through events or podcasts. Feel free to ask about Russell Horsey MICFor giving a keynote speech at your next urban tree event. Look at his previous talks.

Greening Transport Routes

Inspired by our work with the GBBN (Greater Bristol Bus Network), these projects focus on emphasising collaboration across council departments, bringing the benefits of trees to improve the local environment, alongside more traditional hard-structure approaches.

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